Take advantage of Esther’s versatility and knowledge in the Equestrian Field from Equine Training, Health, Management and Psychology whether you are oriented in the English or Western field!

-    Seminars from Youth, Non Pro riders to Open Level

-    Strength of Fields:

* Show: Dressage, Reining, Western Pleasure, W.Riding, Trail, W.Horsemanship, Hunter U.Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Halter, Showmanship at Halter, Hunter in Hand, Longe Line, Spanish walk.
* Horses for Leisure: Individual or Family horse
* Breeding: Care and Management of Mares & Foals and Stallions
* Horsemanship – body language, games, communication between free horse and person, training your horse from the ground, lounging

-    Professional Individual Approach

-    Equine Psychology: Obedience, Correction of Horses, Encouraging Self Confidence. How to make your Horse Safe(r)!

-    Motivation programs for elderly, experienced horses or horses who had bad experiences

   Trailer loading: Problems in loading up your horse? Till now there was no horse that Esther was not able to load up. Try her loading tips!

-    Health: in cooperation with veterinarians Esther can help you in finding the right treatment for your horse and rehabilitation program

-    Safety: Did you have a riding accident or you lost your self confidence in the saddle? Did U have a bad experience in handling a horse(s) but don’t want to give up and enjoy riding again and enjoy the happiness being around horses?

-    Stallions: Stallion behavior, Breeding, Showing, Safety, Handling, Stabling

-    Searching for the right horse for you? Esther can assist you in choosing the right horse for you, whether for the big arena or a family horse, whatever breed or color. Remember safety & fun come first! Oversea experience in shipping horses since 15years.

-    You don’t want to travel? Book Esther to your own equine facility and have your own private seminar, lectures upon individual needs at your home. No need for you or your horse to travel anywhere.

-    You have your own trainer, but would like to add some other helpful training tips to his/her training program? No problem, Esther is always happy to help and improve the communication between rider and horse.


If you are looking for a teacher to improve your English, German, Czech conversation skills, contact Esther directly for her online services besides horses.

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