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Esther Weber belongs to riders with immense results either on Czech and international show grounds. In the course of her show career she won many Championships in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe and has shown horses of diverse breeds and disciplines, mainly stallions. She belongs certainly to one of the most versatile riders of the Czech Republic.

Her new training DVD is a complex instruction for everyone, who is seriously interested to get to know more about working with the horse from the ground as well in the saddle. It includes all basic care about the horse – health, brushing, horsemanship, basic training under the saddle, correct seat and cues, as well loading the horse into the trailer, etc.

Three basic rules, which guide Esther Weber’s training program, are: approach each horse individually, the entire training is about the correct timing and most important, as in our entire life, have patience.

For the moment this DVD is only available in Czech language – understandable to Polish and the Slovak language.
The packet includes 2 DVD (240min.) - 890 CZK or 37 EUR + postage.
To order please send your address via e-mail or sms.

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DVD orders will be sent by mail up to 3 working days upon receiving the order.
If you do not receive the order within 10 days, please contact the mobile number.